Shame – Salman Rushdie

Hey everyone! I wrote this review for my school’s book club blog , lemme know your views about it and suggestions on books to review in case you have any!

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-By Swati Singh

A story of the inter-woven lives of the residents of an imaginary place in a time long ago, that begins in the fictitious land of Q , where one child, Omar Khayyam Shakil is born to three mothers and goes on to witness the tragically comic events to occur in the lives of others (as well as his own) .

In a fantasy that is woven with extraordinary detail, with barely a syllable out of place, Salman Rushdie allegorises Pakistan’s politics with his uniquely magical storytelling. His characters are so alive you can nearly touch them and the descriptions so vivid that the reader is transported , along with the hero, to the dry, mountainous terrain at the edge of the world, listening keenly to the voice of Rushdie, the story teller, who interjects every now and then to connect the instances that are described in immaculate…

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