– she –

Captured, held, infinity lies-

In the oceans of your eyes.

And the wide cerulean skies

Are filled with fluttering butterflies

Do not ask me what i feel

I heard this is- “something unreal”

I wont tell you, i’ve come to life-

For you came and ended all my strife

You’ll think i’m being dramatic, aye,

So i won’t look you in the eye

Instead i’ll stare down at my feet

Thinking of love songs on repeat

Of hoping that you’ll hold my hand

Knowing you won’t understand.

Pulled by strings i can not see

Of mind, and heart and memory.

-/ he /-

I know, it has been a while,

Darling, please forgive my smile.

It’s just that words are small, too small

So i’d rather not speak at all.

I couldn’t, even if i tried-

Your touch leaves me electrified.

Circuitry cannot explain

The fire rising in my veins


i cannot look into your eyes

Will you sweep me to the skies

Caught in a grip like a vice

-/ he /-

I  find it hard to understand

Is there magic in your hands

My breath is stuck in your light

This heart’s a selfish puppeteer

I cant think until we’re so near and I

Can look in your eyes


No words are said

we’re head to head

And i, i’m losing control.

Im on my own

You’re on your way

And we, we have it all.

Im breathless till i breathe you in

And keep you forever within.

(Note … written for a really lame romance prompt)


4 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. Wide-eyed says:

    See, this is what I’m talking about. You got nothing to be envious about. And thank you so much for going through my blog! I’d been having a crap day and your comment honestly just made things so much better


    1. darth elmo says:

      I couldn’t stop reading your blog once I started.
      Where have you been all my life , friend?
      I’m having exams so I can totally relate to your crap day situation lol
      Reading your blog honestly made me feel better. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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