Ruptured rhymes

giphy_sI force myself
To type
One line after another
Searching for meaning
As the dots can be connected backward
And the scattered sentences shuffled
Until a cogent picture is formed.
My picture is a little off today.

The alignment suffers each time your words hit me
Like drops of water on the surface of wood
They bore a hole
It takes time
At first
There are only a few pretty droplets to be seen
Like beads of sweat
That glisten transparently,
Until each day each drop
Washes away a bit of the composure
From my polished veneer
There again
Is the surface decayed
Blood splattered from the big bad world

If they look at the ruins
and ask
what caused this
… a drop?
That caused me to break ?
It’s true
With drops absorbed
but still
There is only so much that i can take.
-Swati singh


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