To you (and to the stars too)


While feeling the battle’s nearly lost ,
and when you’ll feel you’re spent –
you’ll wonder whose paths you crossed
and where time ever went .

You’ll grow old
And  older
And wonder why being wise
Doesn’t go in proportion
to growing in size.

But battered, hollow , hurting
You’ll overcome the  pain
That made you ask why as a child
You heard that as we grow we gain .

You’ll feel dry throated-
And gasping –
For a fresh  breath of air.
But if  you see  the bad days
Don’t forget good ones were there.

You’ll want to hide your self away
From a world that is too much –
And live ensconced in bubble wrap
Brittle to the touch .

The world will make you feel alone
And sometimes your mind will too .
And if you’re wondering what you’d done-
Not wanting to be you


baby you are a star ,
you are
the filament that lights a fire
Don’t let the world say otherwise
The world is but a liar.

-Swati Singh ☆☆☆☆


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