Blues of abuse

I cannot breathe due to

the Ink with which you

Have drawn my role
in neat partitions
Drowned me
In presumptious ambitions
I am blue
Like the bruises that colour my skin
When I didn’t ask permission
To be me before me
and you –

Decided you know what I had to do –

But I am not the dots of a ball point pen

I am paint.

Yet your complaint
Is that I do not fit ,
But does air, into your structures ?
I simply fill the void
Of your strictures –

Though now
I cannot help if I
Am not as small as you
To be ticked off from the boxes
Of your ‘things to do’

I must
change course
Like the Ink
that escapes under pressure
Overflowing from the pores
Of your narrow-thought tunnel
but bleeding
I am all colors and light
And I will
Continue to fight

But for you today

I choose
To be blue
Like the sky
finally I fly
To free myself from you.

-Swati Singh


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