The last letter of Chairman Mao

this letter has been written from the perspective of the the ailing Chairman of the People’s Republic of China and the founder of Chinese Communism, written in his last days… despite his deteriorating sanity and declining party systems, Mao in view of the past and present, writes to Stalin warning him to keep communism alive. Historically, Stalin was already dead at the time when this letter is set- however, the timeline in the letter has been altered according to the failing memory and lapses of sanity that Mao reportedly suffered from towards the end. 

disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, not intended to offend or cause any loss of reputation to any persons, dead or living. 

Comrade Stalin,

It has been years since we last met, and while the People’s Republic has flourished in the recent past, and the nation has seen a hundred flowers bloom , I have myself grown old and wilted, unsure of when I shall be able to see you again.

While I would prefer to convey the contents of this letter personally, I am told by my aides of its impossibility ( as they try to put me to rest),  I am compelled by circumstance to pen my thoughts down into a language which isn’t my own.

The flowers may bloom in China, but our garden grows littered with the weeds of American bourgoise capitalism, as the Coca Cola infestation poisons the world with sugar while our own sugarcane farmers die of famines.

The People’s Republic, too faces this threat, and I wonder where our ideology went wrong. The March has been long and weary, and while we have seen our nations soar to great heights, it is time to ponder the costs of our achievements. You have a future remaining, comrade, but the time has come for me to wonder what history will remember me as –The Founder of a nation, or the murderer of thousands?

We follow the same creed, comrade, yet you are in a position to learn from my mistakes. It is, shamefully, known now that I once waged a war against people who were like my own in order to safeguard my power. now when I hear of your Purges, while you face a greater threat from America, you repeat the mistake I made and before me, the KMT did in China. News travels fast, Comrade, and this is the worst news since that of Lenin’s passing.

The Revolution, I have now realized , is far greater than you and me, for we are merely cogs in the wheel. We are no more to the revolution, than the means to an end. Our crimes will not be absolved by history if we do not correct our course now. We must steer ourselves in the right direction, for the sake of Communism, and our countries.

You cannot hope to fight America if the Soviet Union is itself unstable, and I fear, comrade, if not corrected, Communism will fall with the disintegration of its original proponents.

You must unite your nation, comrade Stalin, instead of dousing its fields with blood, you must strengthen the Red Army for the ultimate battle, and wave the bolshevik flag high across the world. It will be better now to be loved than feared, for the government of the USSR, but the final say in this is yours.

I realized too late that the red in Communism stands for love for the weak and passion for the goal, not violence, bloodshed and hate. The Party is faltering now, due to my errors, Do not repeat my mistake. I do not have long to stay in this fight, comrade, the fate Bolshevism rests in your hands.

Defend the Revolution.

Extend the Revolution.

I bid you my final Farewell.

Yours truly,

Mao Tse Tung



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