Awards, Answers and Inspiration

It was a bright cold day in February and clocks refused to strike thirteen.

the digit didn’t exist on them, and the government was too busy in its own things as the strange brown person typing away in the wee hours of the night was too uninteresting for anyone to really watch.

It was alright, until the brown person started an unfunny blog to rant about personal acquaintances in anonymity and began writing pretentious poetry instead.

Things happened, and the brown blogger got befriended by another blogger who mistakenly believed they had a bad sense of humor, but they didn’t, and life changed for the better.

ever since ihaveabadsenseofhumor nominated me for The Valiant Blogger awards, I’ve been so grateful for the fact that i came across such a lovely blog and i am so thankful for the encouragement i have got from them that i forgot to follow up with my own post. I have been overjoyed at the prospect of being “Discovered” and all that jazz, which isn’t the ideal state of mind, considering the fact that lots of people get A LOT of nominations and all that and it’s pretty crazy to lose your shit at just ONE nomination, but it is my first, and if you can celebrate real life awards and nominations celebrating your first blogging award nomination should be a legit thing.



    1. Post the award on your blog.
    2. Provide a link to the Hall of Valor (click on this to find a beautifully motivational blog and other insightful observations)
    3. In 200 words or less, share about the greatest challenge in your life and how you got though it
    4. Give one piece of advice to people who are struggling with something in their life.
    5. Thank the person who nominated you and nominate a new blogger for the award.

I’ve done 1 and 2 and half of 3, so i guess i’ve got to do  the difficult part here – where i describe something about overcoming my biggest challenge, and although i’ve had a fairly privileged childhood where i’ve had almost everything, i have had a hard time dealing with my shortcomings because i’d never been prepared.

I think that the biggest personal challenge in my life, has been anxiety, and i got anxiety in 6th grade. while my parents mistakenly believed that it was something i could control, i didnt really understand what was happening and generally kept on wishing it would end already. and it sucked for me when it didn’t, because there was no feeling of helplessness greater than being trapped in your own mind.

i went to a counsellor in 7th grade, spent years doing yogabhyas and meditation, and although i still have anxiety.  i have fewer panic attacks and wake up every morning hoping to keep up a positive outcome to the day.  it isn’t a big deal to  be a little bit better, but i’m a lot better than i was once, and it is a huge deal to me.Writing and art came to my aid in my times of distress, and although i still cheat on them with the internet, i can’t imagine how my life would have panned out if i hadn’t unleashed my  marginally creative side onto the world.

Anxiety is a problem that so many people face, people we meet and know, and people who seem to have it  all, and for all those people whose loved ones face this problem, PLEASE don’t leave them alone or tell them to pray for it to become better, because nobody likes having anxiety. the best way to help us is by listening to us, by empathizing with us, by being there for us. we don’t expect you to be our therapists, but we don’t need you to remind us of our shortcomings when we beat ourself up about them so often as it is.

The only piece of advice i can give to anyone struggling is that you should HOLD ON TIGHT,  YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BE ALRIGHT. the bad times pass, just like the good times did.Because in the bell curve of a person’s lifetime of material and spiritual achievements, there are both highs and lows. they can’t all be circumvented, and even though it sometimes feels endless, the tunnel doesn’t last forever. there is light at the end of it. another thing i’d like to suggest, although unsolicited, is that it isn’t weak to ask for aren’t alone, and you shouldn’t feel like you are. so allow others to help you up if your burdens are too heavy to carry. it’s only human to feel, it’s only human to need help, and it is only human to believe in better things. Those who don’t believe in magic, may never find it.So here’s  To you .

I nominate

1) Of Crumbling Moons And Wayward Creeks (personal favorite #1)

2)weaving wounds (tied for the spot of personal favorite #1)

3) anroworld

4) eimzpink (are we allowed to tag blogs that are already super popular ? because this one is both super inspirational and super popular) 

it took me a long time to write this post because i was doing my happy dance.



12 thoughts on “Awards, Answers and Inspiration

  1. Liz C. says:

    Hi. Congratulations on this award and for sharing your experiences. This post is a gem, I would probably read it again and again when I get those episodes of anxiety myself.

    I definitely agree with this:
    “we don’t need you to remind us of our shortcomings when we beat ourself up about them so often as it is.”

    A lot of people don’t understand this. They will give you advise or tell you how to “fix” your life when all you need is someone who’ll listen.

    P.S. I added this to the Hall of Valor, so that should create a pingback from this post to THAT. At least I hope so. Thanks for informing me about your post. The reason I asked for the pingback is to list down all nominated bloggers at the Hall of Valor.

    P.P.S. I’m so glad to have found your blog. You seem like such an intellectual. ❤


    1. darth elmo says:

      Heyyyy! Thank you.
      Let me assure you that I am Not an intellectual. (So much of a non intellectual am I that I wrote intelligent and intelecture before I finally spelt intellectual correctly )

      The Hall of Valor has SUCH inspirational posts. I am pleased to have been listed alongside some of them .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Liz C. says:

        I’m glad that you are inspired by the posts, as that was what I was hoping for in starting this. I look forward to every pingback and learning more about another blogger here through the award. It’s been great.

        (And you may think you’re not an intellectual, but my mind tells me you are really smart. So I’ll leave it at that. :p)


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