Religious ranting #30blogwritingchallege

Day 4- My religious affiliations:

From a truly religious point of view

My family is Hindu ,

Not the chaste brahmanical variety that eat no onion, no garlic, no egg

But instead the kind who’ll hog on

non vegetarian meals all day

And in the evening , pray.

My family has built a Hindu temple in my town.

My grandmother runs it .

I run away from it , unless going there means getting food.

I am less of a Hindu than I ought to be, I guess.

I try my best to believe , but I would rather breathe easy knowing everything will be alright –

Eventually,  including me.

I don’t know if there’s a God up there.

I hope there is , but it’s weird –

to imagine the world being run

By a disinterested puppeteer  .

I wonder if he’s busy with work

and can’t see ,

each of his children fights

Each day a different battle ,

Each  day a different bully .

I may be a Hindu,

I don’t know enough about it to truly understand,

I doubt a little here and there,

But I can try my spiritual hand ,

I meditate but not on God –

But on  what I can control .

Yet sometimes I wonder if He’d find

Our ways of worship droll.

I clicked this when I went to the temple I’ve written about. it was a musical evening  celebrating Sai Baba ,believed by some to be a god/saint . probably the most secular figure in my religious belief, sai baba was a Muslim worshipped mainly by Hindus  ( but also muslims).He lived in Shirdi in maharashtra. the figure in the picture behaving like a rock star was a Muslim singer employed to sing religious hymns in the temple.

I leave you in the tuition of God,  Amen.

– Darth elmo


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