Bad beginnings,The first day of my 30 day blog writing challenge

Heyyy you!

Having not had enough readers to actually get nominated for this challenge, i decided to *cough, cough*nominate myself for this, because hey, why not? ( shameless blogger award, anyone? )

SO HERE WE GO WITH THE RULES AND ALL OF THAT , which i copied after bring inspired by youarenotaloneinthisworld

30 day blog writing.png


….hahaha i’m nominating myself for challenges here, does it look like i have a life? ( both my virtual as well as social lives are dead)

Me and relationships definitely do not match, and i’m afraid the only things i’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with this year are edible dates and my ginger cat.

i sometimes wish i was in a relationship, and sometimes am glad i’m not in one, because I don’t really think I’m all that great at them. you can read more about it in the last letter from the girl you left behind, where i eloquently express what i would say to anyone who dumps me WHILE attaching a hugely metaphorical reason for my haircut ( which happened largely due to the fact that longer hair takes longer to dry, longer to comb and is difficult to swish around magically). but also because in case of future relationships, one MUST be prepared. feel free to reblog or quote it in case you relate to it.

here’s an excerpt if you’re interested :

“I got my hair cut last night. It may sound insignificant, but I kept putting it off earlier simply because you once told me you liked them this way.

So i went about life with a look I didn’t like, trying to pretend i didnt care about validation from a person who disliked me. I know. I’m an idiot.
But even then, split ends carry an eerie similarity, and each time I ran a finger through my damaged, dry hair, I thought about us- and the irreparable damage of our broken relationship.

So off I went, to the hairdresser’s , with an iron resolve, to get rid of the tresses and the memories tangled within them, to free myself of the longing to have your fingers play with their ends again.

I suppose I thought it was easier this way.

To have someone else sever the connection while I kept calling you on an overcrowded line- longing to hear the sound of your voice, longing , wistfully to have you listen.
I suppose I understood, at last, that it was time to cut the call.
To rid myself of my infatuation, one snip at a time.

But even though my hair is half its length,my ardor or rather , my pathetic-ass shit where I mope around searching for remnants of the past remains undiminished. I’m not over it. I’m not over you.
Not yet, at least.”

Plus I have my exams this year, so i am, in a way, in a complicated relationship with my economics textbook .i happen to spend all my time cheating on it with the internet , watching youtube videos of Kenny Sebastian ( who doesn’t sound Indian but is) and East India Comedy, as they provide comic relief to the sufferers of the Great Indian Affliction of BOARD EXAMINATIONS .

Plus, they’re free because it’s Youtube, and i’m an Indian so i love free stuff even if it is at the cost of my future.

You may have gauged this by now, but even if you haven’t , yes i’m an idiot. i know. thank you very much.

warmest regards ,

Darth Elmo


9 thoughts on “Bad beginnings,The first day of my 30 day blog writing challenge

      1. Eimear 'eimzpink' Ode says:

        To be honest I think it was because I never tried these challenges! I was able to write what I wanted – which could be an essay or just a photo I took that week!
        Throughout it all I never thought I’d actually be able to do it and to be honest I’m still surprised I committed to it! Haha 😀
        As long as you’re motivated in your own writing I’m confident you’ll be feeling the same way in 29 days 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. darth elmo says:

        You seem to have a very good point there. I actually have written like all the posts for days 1 to 5 in bulk right now because of all the adrenaline though, so I can spend the next week without defaulting 😛 you’re blogger goals btw so you didn’t need them. it feels great to have such encouraging bloggers on the Internet.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Eimear 'eimzpink' Ode says:

        Wow I wish I was half the blogger you’re making me out to be!😂
        Also that’s pretty smart bulk writing! I just always got bored of my own writing because some adrenaline filled days of writing are waay better than the days when I’m just writing for a deadline
        I do agree with the supportive Internet bloggers so if you need anything don’t hesitate to ever ask 🙂 ❤ x

        Liked by 2 people

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