VISION 2027 : Day 2 followthrough of the 30 day blog writing challenge

QoTD: where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

i read your question, thinking wow

the future’s a strange and dangerous place

where time is a construct in intellectual space…

but ..if i was to hope for better things

in whatever the far off future brings –

I’d hope to smile and hey, be rich

i’d hope i’d be less of a bitch.

I hope i’d make the most of time

i hope my poems manage to rhyme.

I wish to be in a better place,

I wish to grow at breakneck pace,

I wish to blog to a million souls,

To find a place on Harvard Honor Rolls.

I wish to learn digital art ,

i wish to follow my own heart,

I wish to have a clearer mind ,

I wish for love that i hope to find.

I wish to know my calling true-

I wish for us, for me and you

to meet again in better times ,

When we’ll weave greatness in our rhymes.

I wish to graduate a topper,

I wish to look like a show stopper,

I wish to compose poems better,

So they’d be less of a rhyming letter.

I wish i manage time well too,

I wish for lovely things to do,

I wish to sing, i wish to dance,

I wish i win at every chance,

and if i don’t i wish i hope,

and strive with courage ,

like a lion plus an antelope..

SO THAT WAS DAY 2 of the 30 day blogging challenge- if you thought that was shitty or pretty, do tell me in the comments below, don’t forget to like my posts and subscribe to my blog to see more of my crappy posts, but in case you hated this and want something more mellow to read, DO VISIT my actual blog , because the menu which say “poetry” actually has some of my better, more observant and thoughtful poems, as opposed to the nursery rhymes that i love composing in tune with my mental age.

Don’t judge me, guys!

warm regards,

Darth Elmo

the annoying true self of swati singh



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