FOOD is LOVE, anyway.#30dayblowritingchallenge ♡Day5

The wrapper is the same , shiny.
I remove the silver tinfoil,  straighten it out and then break the first wafer stick and take a bite. I like the sweetness and the crunch. I like how kitkat feels like the sugar-coated excitement of happy childhood memories.

The rice isn’t white. It’s always a yellow or orange and the pieces of chicken in it are  smaller that the size of my expectations from the dude I only just met. But it’s been slow cooked on low heat with all the right spices.  I open my mouth but it’s not to say hello.
Biryani will always be love at first bite.

I simply peel away the soiled outer layers and as reveals its heart,  lying  in its bare simplicity. I dissect it until its segments can each be picked up , examined, devoured.  The truth may be bitter. But carrots, never.

I drink in the last sip of the warm chocolate that the 90’s kids take for granted in a liberalised economy,  as I wear branded clothes and ride my imported car.  Bourn-e-vita.  I spell it with an e in the middle , to retain some mystery from the Ludlum spy.
I go back to where I began.  a story and a cup of ‘Bourne’ vita in bed :
Coffee is too grown up for me to even try.

So i lay out my meals for V-Day,


Food is my true love anyway.



3 thoughts on “FOOD is LOVE, anyway.#30dayblowritingchallenge ♡Day5

    1. darth elmo says:


      See that? Girl, you just evoked a mountain of aww .
      Thank you for your sweet comment. WordPress is full of wonderful writers like yourself, and if even one person like you follows me as an active reader, I’m getting more than I deserve. ♡

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Saloni says:

        Aww. So much love in return! You’re the first person who’s said that I am a wonderful writer. Thank you so much. It made my day (I’ve been living on that high since 😉 ) I will follow you, even if it doesn’t appear in my WP Reader, I’ll look you up and always come back. It’s a promise.

        To new friendships! 🙂


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