SUN-FIRMATION bias day6 of the #30daybloggingchallenge

Hello, people of the earth. I know you don’t have time – so I won’t take much of yours , however I want to know what makes astrologers  so successful ,  and what on Earth they see in the stars to make money out of people’s  birthdays.


So when I saw this sunsigny question I was just … unenthused until it struck me that I could ask the 4 people in the world who actually read this blog what their opinion on such a thing was !

– I was happier with numericals than I was with this question on the list because HELLO superstition – zodiac is thy name.
But since its there and I love wasting my time, I did it anyway- and while you’re here you may as well waste your time and answer my question as well.

But first ,  watch me rant.

I’m a sagittarius.  i was Born on midnight between 28th and 29th November .

And I don’t particularly believe in sunsigns  because I think the personality traits of people are independent of their birthday.

I also think that generalised descriptions of most sunsigns are applicable to everyone, but reading them brings out our confirmation bias, which in turn makes us believe that ‘hey, this is so right’ instead of thinking hey- I know 500 people who are optimistic or extroverted or whatever despite being born in 10 different months. I also think that this entire star sign business messes up our relationships when we start stereotyping people on the basis of their zodiac sign.

Evidently ,  this doesn’t say much about me.

I for one am one of the least optimistic people I know.  I have atrocious emotional intelligence,  can only be extroverted in spurts and don’t like change without having prepared myself mentally for all possible outcomes.
But when people meet me and think of me like “hey she’s a sagittarius ” they invariably find me cooler initially than I actually am, and then when they discover how uninteresting and lame my real personality is, they feel conned and leave.

Not that I’m always a Debbie downer,  but hey- you get the point, right.
I’m defined by a hundred other things than my birthday, and although I am pretty obsessed with it ( I’d insert x days to go countdown but my math sucks )
– I don’t want people to remember me by my zodiac sign and expect me to be a certain way.

I may of course have views that are too extreme, but if people are actually earning money writing horoscopes and stuff – I want to know why. Maybe that’s where my future as a writer lies anyway .

I would make a meme about wondering what I’m even doing here , but in case that question struck you before you got to the end of the post-

Congratulations , my telepathic twin !



7 thoughts on “SUN-FIRMATION bias day6 of the #30daybloggingchallenge

  1. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    You know something, for years I felt inadequate cause the way my sign described my personality had nothing to do with the way I acted or behaved, but while I was walking this path, I realized that I am me and that nothing can defined me. Thank you for sharing this and now you have 5 actual readers.

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    1. darth elmo says:

      Exactly -plus have you seen how with these horoscopes, if you take any random horoscope and apply it to anyone from a different zodiac sign it will still for because of how vague it is…
      I’m glad you worked out how you define yourself. Self image and self belief are the two things that make us .
      and the more we realise how much our destiny tests in our hands the more control we have over ourselves, despite all external factors.
      Thank you for reading- 5 actual readers? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! 😀😀


  2. rgayer55 says:

    I don’t put a lot of credence in horoscopes either. As Popeye would say, “I yam, what I yam.” A few years ago, I took one of those Berkman personality tests and was amazed at how closely it pegged me. Still, I don’t go around telling everyone what quadrant I landed in their scale and that primarily I’m an introvert, who can be extroverted when the need arises. I don’t think anyone likes to get compartmentalized, yet we do the same thing to others everyday.

    Like you, I always wondered about people who made money writing horoscopes and advice columns. I doubt it’s as easy as it looks, but it seems to me they are merely baffling with bullshit.

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    1. darth elmo says:

      Exactly – I remember there was a great film on this but I forgot its name – But basically it just told us not to put people into boxes.
      I wish I wouldn’t do it, but I too stereotype people on other grounds (people who aren’t nice to me become ‘assholes ‘, as do people who don’t like my cat)
      Popeye probably has all the wisdom in the world and I think some of his wisdom would go a long way for me.
      You probably have a point there about horoscope writers, though, and that’s definitely something to think about.
      I’d love to read a book about how they do their job,though , so there’s that.

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  3. weavingwounds says:

    Not my place to be but through all this skepticism, I’ll stick my head out and make a confession-
    Whenever (if at all) I read the newspaper, I compulsively check my horoscope. In the beginning of the year 2017, 2016 and 2015 and 2014 too I guess, I went through my yearly horoscope as well. It urged me to expect both, wonderful and distressing events. Overall 2017 is supposed to be a great year where I need to work hard in the first half and will get great results mid-year. It also said I’ll spend the second half indulging arts and serious social work.
    Now the point is I could make all of this a reality if I was studying/doing some productive work instead of reading this 6 page horoscope which was the 7th search result on google.
    But I still read it.
    We’re all suckers for instant gratification. We want praise and high hopes(even if they’re false).
    Also, in times when every single one of us is gloating over our uniqueness, there are some like me who are unique to the point of estrangement. Being understood by an overpaid astrologer and being told that I do belong to a ‘category’ then becomes weirdly satisfying- even if temporary.
    Beyond that, I will not really go into debating whether it’s all true, real or scientific.
    It’s possible all these websites are a hoax whereas astrology, in its true sense does have some merit which is beyond the understanding of people like us who are so busy trying to become stars that we find no time to actually watch them in the sky.
    It’s equally possible Astrology in itself is just a bunch of bullshit devised by bored geriatrics of the ancient times whose legacy is carried on by astrophysics dropouts who couldn’t fathom the physics in it and had lots of loud junk jewellery to make use of.
    I’m not qualified to comment on either possibility but yeah, although I instinctively squeal in joy when I meet a fellow Capricorn, I inevitably forget their birthday(and their zodiac sign if that matters) so there goes… but hey, I’ve made this so long already! I should go work on making that prediction a reality so that i have my marksheet to secure my future and not a printout of that delusive horoscope prediction.

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    1. darth elmo says:

      I know for a fact that you read the papers more than I do.
      And I agree, instant gratification is so GOOD, my goodness. (I know now why my counsellor thinks my Emotional Intelligence is that of a baby)
      But I must admit, my friend. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER THAN THIS !!!
      Horoscopes man seriously and here I felt happy you read my it turns out you’ll read anything …
      This is not good for my self esteem .
      Allow me to make myself feel better by judging you a little.
      And remind me to make fun of you later okay.
      Peace out.

      Also long comment hello bro long comments are awesome
      Check this they’re

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