barbie doll with a baseball bat #30dayblogwritingchallenge… Day 7.

When I was 3 years old

Smartphones weren’t a thing I understood

I grew up in a village

With a wand made from sagon wood

I turned 4, 5  and the TV showed

me kids my age

Eating rocky road

In my neighbourhood

The mud on my feet and the flowers in my hand

Were the toys I knew – I’d understand

And when I could walk

My brother would talk

Of being a die hard football fan

When rougher sports and games began

And into the fields my playmates ran.

But at home , dress clad ,

I’d often be glad

To dress up the barbie dolls I had

To sew them a dress as my brother looked on

At the girls I wished I could look like

Pink lips , blonde hair , pink shiny bike .

I like pink still

I’m older and today

I can look into a mirror and softly say

That my dark skin and dark circles

Aren’t plastic they

Make me beautiful

They make me glad

That I’m a brown girl

With a mix of this and that

Who played with a barbie doll

And a baseball bat.




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