Great songs and Guilty pleasures #30dayblogwritingchallenge Day 1o


Heyyyy so I got a bit confused yesterday about whether I had to put my Ipod on shuffle or write this so I conveniently skipped day 10 yesterday which is why this post combines  the tasks for day 10 and 11.

However since its technically day 11 and I don’t have an Ipod , I thought of doing this today instead.

I don’t really have a ‘guilty pleasure’ because I don’t really feel guilty when I do things that make me happy .  I do love chocolate , however and it kind of calms me down whenever I’m stressed out or sad and I like things with high sugar, high salt and calories.  I am basically like a potato in that sense ,  and I also love starchy foods.

I also like sleeping till really late, and it me feel guilty at times when I wake up in the sunnier part of the  morning .

I also read junk fiction a great deal and read a bunch of wattpad novels despite the fact that it’s super cliché .

Another guilty pleasure of mine is watching spoken word poetry and stand up comedy on YouTube .

I recommend “when  love arrives ” to everyone who has ears and can understand english. and if you like it ,  or if you like math ,  follow it up with Harry baker’s 59 ,  a love poem about lonely prime numbers  .

I use my phone  a lot for these things, even though I don’t really use social media . so i guess that’s my last guilty pleasure.

Day 11 required the whole Ipod shuffle thing but since I don’t have  a single song on my phone or an Ipod I can just name a few songs that have been in my head lately –

The A team and Shape of You by Ed sheeran ,  hold up by Beyonce , Kama Kawaida by some Kenyan artistes , and Anu Aunty , a comedy parody of fancy by and Indian entrepreneur , Varun agarwal

Let me know your guilty pleasures  and mental play list in the comments. you can probably see how I need new songs to listen to.




2 thoughts on “Great songs and Guilty pleasures #30dayblogwritingchallenge Day 1o

  1. briannadawn says:

    Ohhhh! I’ve been wondering what I can do for the month of March after I finish my February project .. I think I’ll take on this 30 day challenge! 😀 (also, first comment! hello hello~)

    Guilty pleasures? Hmmmm… lately I’ve been indulging way too much with chocolate almonds. And I guess binge-watching Netflix on weekends? Don’t really have anything I feel too guilty about.

    As for iPhone shuffle … here goes!
    1. Bowling for Soup “Shut-Up and Smile”
    2. Bobby Darin “Dream Lover”
    3. Stone Temple Pilots “Creep”
    4. Silverchair “Across the Night”
    5. Arcade Fire “Neighborhood #2 (Laika)”
    6. Karmin “Gasoline”
    7. The Organ “Steven Smith”
    8. Metro Station “Shake It”
    9. Marina and the Diamonds “Immortal”
    10. The Strokes “Under Control”

    …. Yeeeeaaaah, I’m a music junkie and listen to anything and everything.


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