Why I love you, feat. Imaginary Exes who may have been real .

I love you because 90% of my poetry would be incomplete in your absence .

I love you because I love me and sometimes I  am so selfish I can’t let go.

I love you because your birthday is in a month’s time and i spent the past year planning the gifts I can longer give you.

Even though I so want to.

I love you because I make terrible choices and you make good ones and I like how that reversed when we once chose each other.

I kinda always knew I was just a momentary lapse of judgement .

It’s a shitty feeling, to say the least.

I love you because I don’t like chocolate the same way when you’re not telling me it’ll kill me sometime.

And I really liked chocolate when I felt I was living life on the edge.

I love you because we were friends once, and in my head – I still have long meaningful conversations with you.

Which explains why you think I’m unstable and why we no longer have those conversations in real life.

I love you because everytime I write one of these I feel like I’m finally over it

But two weeks later, I write this again.

I love you because your have a nice voice. and because I like people who give me a new piece of information each time we talk. my pieces of information are too scattered . too abstract . too static.

I love you because after everything you did and everything I do I’d rather be you than me. I know that’s a whole other can of worms but I guess it’ll make a better story.

I love you because I love me .

I don’t really love you, I just hate being lonely.

is it just me or is today a day of immensely sad atrocious posts ? such emotional much wow ! 


8 thoughts on “Why I love you, feat. Imaginary Exes who may have been real .

  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Darth Elmo,
    I just saw the notice that you followed my blog. I wanted to make sure you got my comment that I haven’t blogged at Reflections in almost two years. I’d be so excited if you’d follow me over to my current blog, MostlyBlogging.com.
    By the way, I love your love poetry. I’m guessing the exes were real.


    1. darth elmo says:

      Haha most of them weren’t, but it’s easy to write about heartbreak if you read enough chick lit novels 😂
      I did check out mostlyblogging, however it seems to not be a wordpress site, and I don’t know if there’s a way to subscribe without getting emails and simply adding it to my reader. I’m glad you enjoyed my work, I learnt so much from yours . ♡

      Liked by 1 person

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