An open letter to her younger sister

 Riya Jotwani, in today’s guest post, writes to her younger sister, who will read this letter as she enters her teen life.

To my younger sister,


As you’re on the cusp of teenage life and i’m almost done with it ,  I guess there’s some stuff I ought to tell you by now. So forgive me if this is emotional or unexpected .

I am sorry for not being able to share every minutest detail of my life with you and please trust me when i say this that i did so only to protect you from the cruel,harsh reality of most teenagers of today’s world like me.

I know you used to see me distressed  when i returned from school and everytime you asked me ”Didi,what’s wrong?” all i could say was “Nothing.”

How could I have told you at that tender age of yours that most people in today’s world are fake, when you barely even understood the meaning of the words like ‘fake’ and ‘double standards’?

I hope you too learn, by the time you grow up, that not all people are trustworthy and not all people are actually like what they appear to be on the outside.

I know you are going to have issues in school everyday regarding different stories that you friends said behind your back and you’ll be astounded to hear them.

     I know you might  burst into tears during lessons so much that you would have rush to the washroom to let nobody see how weak you are but,listen to me, girl.    There are also going to be friends who will stand up for you when you yourself would find it weak in the legs to rise.

They are going to make you stronger and stronger each day no matter what others say about you so make sure you find your ‘girl gang’ because they are going to be the ones to help you grow.

I know you saw me crying every night for a month when everyone else in the house was asleep and I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you that I was crying over a guy whom i thought meant the world to me but turned out to be a guy who never understood my worth.

You’re going to have a lot of guys in your life but always remember that none of them are more important than your studies, your daily hours of sleep and your proper meals. I know you might even go through the ‘breakup’ phase and cry your heart out, (as you crash on the bathroom floor ) but remember, sweetheart,you learn from your mistakes.

      You’ll learn from these stupid instances what you’re actually worth and that NOBODY deserves to put my angel down.

I’m sorry for never being able to give you a reason so as to why i fought so ruthlessly with mumma and papa sometimes but i know you’ll be going through the same after some years so remember that despite all the ugly verses you spill out of your mouth for them: THEY LOVE YOU. I know sometimes you are going to feel like they’re ‘invading your privacy’ or not giving you enough of ‘freedom’ unlike other friends of yours but just know darling, that they know how evil the world actually is- and they’re just trying to protect their little angel.

I’m sorry for not being able to share the career related issues i had in my mind with you, because at that point of time it all seemed to be a mess.

I know it’s frustrating when not only relatives but even teachers are going to ask you everytime so as to what you’ve thought of doing after school gets over and i know you’re going to think of yourself as a complete loser who’s going to make a complete mess of her career but hold on little girl, after all,you’re just a teenager right now. Things are going to work out soon and you’ll know exactly what you want to do and the route to achieve the same.

I know at some point of time you’re going to be frustrated about a gazillion things- like not being given permission to attend concerts with your friends in some other city, not being allowed for night outs and instead being given permission for nightstays; being scolded for the excessive use of your mobile phone, for making friends that drink and smoke but, hold on ,darling.

I know how bad your heart is pumping to reach out to the world and try out everything new but there’s still a lot to learn, baby.

There’s so much that’s going to help you grow, little one, and in the end,what am i there for?
Didi ❤


2 thoughts on “An open letter to her younger sister

  1. Anupama says:

    Its so beautiful darling.
    .m touched ..we all go through such tender age but believe me..all these experiences are worth u


  2. Deepa says:

    Excellent true.this letter made me go back through the memory lane and reminded me of my own teenage. How miserable I felt those days. Now also I feel the same as now my place has been taken by my daughter who’s on the verge of teenage.


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