To the twenty three people who read this,

Dear friend,

WordPress recently told me that I have over 140 subscribers to Scattered Sentences, and in light of that information, i have spent the past two days in a haze of ecstasy, tempered only by the knowledge that none of this is going to get me a great college, or a job, or even a position as a weekday intern for the local bookstore.

Nevertheless, validation is Validation, and while i first took to instagram to celebrate this minor achievement, i realized that i ought to, for this whole business, first thank you. i don’t really know how, though, because when this blog went from 0 to 100 followers in a span of two weeks during the exams as i posted what i like to refer to, fondly, as “utter bullshit”. my first, most instinctive response to this windfall of followers was to  think “there must be some other blogger with a blog that has the same blog name as mine.” which is absurd ’cause i checked and there wasn’t . So now that i CAN see that people have followed this blog out of their own free will, without a single instance of spamming all over facebook timelines (just messenger, three people) and instagram biographies, i have decided to attempt something bigger, and somewhat more structured than before for this blog.

I’ll be reviewing about 50 books this summer, posting listicles and interesting reading related articles on a site called The Desi Bookworm, which should go up mid-may or something ( in case you’re a desi bookworm like me, get in touch ! )  I’m also interviewing a bunch of people who read, write and create the kind of art that inspires me. I would like to invite you to be a part of this initiative, and request you to

a) Review a novel by a writer native to your country

b) write about your earliest memories of books and why you first started reading .

Email me your post, including your name (or pen name) with a link to your blog,  and be sure to follow this blog if you haven’t  already. most of what I write is utter bullshit but it means THE WORLD to me to have you here, and OF COURSE I’LL GIFT YOU COTTON CANDY AND HUG YOU . c’mhere.


Also, don’t you just love how wordpress is like one of those “safe spaces” on the internet with this whole family of strangers all being nice to each other? it’s such a lovely community ❤ thank you for being a part of my fam, ya’ll.




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