Books that every comedy lover should read

Happy World Book Day, guys! this is a list of books you ought to read in case you love comedy. And if you don’t love comedy, you need to read these books because most sane people love comedy, so please work on your sense of humour.

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#1 :The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams 

The idea for the Hitchhiker’s guide came to Douglas Adams when he was lying in a drunken stupor in a field in Europe, where he thought of all the travel guides that were displayed in bookstore windows about Europe (and pretty much everywhere else)  . In his own words, as he lay there staring at the stars because he was too poor and too badass to afford a hotel room, Douglas Adams thought the universe most urgently required a guide for travellers wishing to go to space, a phenomena highly likely once digital watches had been discovered.  So he created a radio show about an Earthman and an alien (who is a reporter for the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy), and their misadventures as they embarked on a journey across time, tide and the universe.

When it was adapted into a book, it turned into a trilogy in 6 parts. The seventh one is currently being written . Read it for jokes, conspiracy theories and the ironies of existence, both human, and  alien.

#2: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

Most publishers rejected Joseph Heller’s first novel when it was initially written. that’s because they didn’t get the jokes about war, and the futility of such meaningless fighting. Luckily, when one publisher, harangued no end by Mr Heller’s persistence, actually took the trouble to pay attention to the book and released he book into the market, it became a bestseller. set during the 2nd world war and narrated around the life of an American Fighter pilot tired of fighting,  It’s one of the funniest tragicomedies ever written, and in today’s world, I kind of keep hoping someone would just give this book to Donald Trump.

#3 Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes 

Hitler, apparently. Set in a world of alternative fact (hello again, Trump) where Hitler wakes up in the 21st Century having hibernated through the fall of Nazi Germany, ” Look Who’s Back” traces his success in the world of stand up comedy, where people believe he’s something of a strange, forever-in-character funnyman.  They think his political beliefs are something of a joke, and bestow upon him the love that Vienna university and the rest of the world very obviously refused to give him. and the rest, as they say, is history. Or is it?

#4 Raag Darbari by Shrilal Shukla

from describing the indian affliction of  disregarding rules, to commenting on the easygoing corruption of the Indian bureaucracy, the India of Shukla’s Raag Darbari continues in our villages even today, where wrestlers and teachers head politics and educated people are looked upon as misguided but well intentioned fools swayed from the right path of sanskaar by “pashchaat sabhyata” ( western culture) . If you haven’t ever gone to an indian village, you need to read this book, because while depicting the ironic hilarity of the state of affairs, he also makes us rethink the status quo we try to maintain . Seeing how shukla himself was a civil servant, it’s a funny story to read and a sad story to live, but your experience of India is definitely incomplete without it.

#5 Kashi Ka Assi by Kashi Nath Singh 

replete with abusive words and relatable instances, this book offers everything indian stand up artists offer, and more besides.  There are real conversations in this book, and the writer is pretty lucky to have been able to have written it before the idea of intellectual property became common in India. From sightings of god to strangely UPiite superstitions, this book, like Raag Darbari, stands the test of time, as the characters in the novel can be found on the banks of the Ganges even today.  In case you’ve seen the terrible film adaptation featuring Sunny Deol, I encourage you to read this book in order to heal yourself of the trauma of his atrocious acting, and in case you skipped the movie because you had the good sense to suspect Sunny to be a dhai kilo ka deadweight,  this is one book that will lighten you up regardless.




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