hamlet 2k16

In a hamlet near the hill,
Another Hamlet does roam
Who tries paying for rickshaws
Through a fancy telephone.

His father retired
And his mother is broke.
His uncle was the banker
(Alas! An ugly joke)

So in went Hamlet’s cash
With no notes to spare.
His bank balance is hefty
His purse however, bare.

He wanders complaining
About a nation that does rot.
Hamlet plays out on the streets
The story is forgot.

It is legal but not tender.
Low budget and no flash,
Produced by a local lender
Who aided him with cash.

Amid the tellers lines,
Hamlet surely has much to do-
To question existence and yes,
A conspiracy to brew.

He takes the play to the Parliament,
Makes monologues in court.
He tells his tale, the pauper prince,
In each city, town and port.

Of theft against the broke, alas
And of the thieves who laugh
At the mightiest whose might,
Sadly grinds together wheat and chaff.

So mirthless mocking emanates
At those they poisoned and ruled.
There’s something rotten in our State,
Yet half the nation’s fooled.

Hamlet is roaming even now.
But choices are few and he
Will be jailed on questioning,
To be or not to be.

National treasures vanish
And Hamlet has been robbed.
The tickets haven’t sold as yet,
The script, so far has flopped.

My heart goes out to Hamlet
His play has been censored, too.
He has to make it work, but he
Between the lines, has much to do.

The deposits are deposited.
The locker indeed is full.
And propaganda kindly says,
“Life is wonderful!”

His demon is demonetization
And the ghost of better times.
Too bad the law jails him
For his seditious crimes.

  • swati singh

appeared in december on Inwords


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