A lot of new things are in store, and while Scattered Sentences is currently under reconstruction, we promise, it’s worth the wait. As the clock ticks,  and the tides of time move, each second brings us closer to a newer, improved blog.

yeah, it’s a “we” now.

In case you’ve come all the way here and found nothing new , DO NOT FEAR.

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Book Reviews/ essays

Arundhati Roy’s hypocrisy and other annoying things.

Shame – Salman Rushdie

The Raven Boys- Maggie Stiefvater

Open Letters

my stand up dream

the last letter from the girl you left behind

To Kanan Gill, An apology for unfollowing that blog

Lame love poetry


An afterthought

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we hope you’ll stay with us till we turn to the next page –                we promise, unlike these ones, that will not be blank.